Miroslav and the Lada 2105 with Subaru Turbo!

Lately, we received some pictures on Facebook from one of our Bulgarian follower Miroslav Minchev, who showed us his Lada with 2106 engine and Subaru Turbo on it! As you were excited about the car, we asked him to go deeper into this project, and tell us about it!

First of all, what we can know about you? Are you a racer, engine builder or just a fanatic with passion?
The most important thing that you should know about me is that everything on my car has been created by me. I already have an experience in amateur competitions which are organized here as well as in Hillclimb championship in Bulgaria as a Zero car (or opening car). I also participated in the rally sprint discipline and on track. So in this sense I’m a bit of all of them. Another interesting fact about me is that I designed also Moskvich 407 on which I put turbo as well.

What is the current situation in Bulgary about Ladaracing, is it a popular car to race?
Yes, I think that Lada is still popular race car here in Bulgaria. The disciplines where most Lada can be seen are rally cross and since a few years also in the track championship where we have a separate Lada’s class. Lada cars are also involved in the rally championship and hillclimb, but less.  Lada is an attractive car for the public, which get attention of everyone,  not only old but also young fans.  The best thing is that here in Bulgaria are still people who prepair Lada for race cars.

Let’s talk about your car! So what is the specification, what can we know about it?
My Lada 2105 is since 1989. The engine is 2106 turbo. Till now the power was 180whp and 260 n.m. at 1 bar of boost with Subaru TD04L turbocharger. It depends of the race the gearbox is either the original 5 speed or 4 speed VAZ 2106. The final drive is either 3.9 or 4.1 LSD is „Val racing” 80%. Regarding the suspension, the rear springs are original from Lada, the front springs are taken from GAZ24 (Volga, Zuk) shock absorbers are Kayaba Ultra SR for Lada. All suspension bushings are replaced with polyurethanes. The front brakes are from Alfa Romeo 145 284mm discs. Rear brake discs are taken from Lada Samara, calipers are from BMW e36 rear. I use a master cylinder (brake pump) from Subaru Legacy, and a vacuum amp from a Suzuki Vitara. The wheels are 16 ‘. Last year, all bodywork was repaired and repainted. Front and rear hood are from fiberglass. Car weigh is about 850kg.

How did the idea come that put a Subaru turbo on the engine and how could you solve that? What modification you had to make in order to implement the turbo to the 2106 engine?
Well, Subaro turbo is very popular and resistant turbo. It’s very suitable for this type of engines 1600-2000cc 8valves. The compression ratio is 9.5: 1. Pistons, conecting rods, bearings and crankshaft are original. The flywheel is lightweight. The clutch is ceramic. The cylinder head gasket is steel and it’s taken from Lada Niva euro 5 . The cylinder head is taken from VAZ 2101 and it’s ported. The valves and seals are 2.5mm larger than the original ones. The valve springs are of Porsche 964. The camshaft is the original one. The maximum engine speed is 6800. Maximum power is 5900rpm and torque is 3900rpm. The ignition system I use is an EDIS 4 taken from FORD. The electronics that manage the engine is a Megasquirt. The intake manifold is designed by me for 1600-1800cc engines. The exhaust manifold is also made for this turbo and this engine. The exhaust system after the turbocharger is f70mm. The material for exhaust system is inox steel. I also installed an oil cooler, of course.

What other kind of interesting solutions did you make on the car?
Rear axle is taken from Lada Niva. It’s about 14sm wider than original as the drive shafts are stronger than original’s one. Front wishbones are „Stinger sport”. I bought them from Russia. The length of each is increased by 7 cm. This is how I made the car 14sm wider than the original. I have installed a mechanical steering rack from Volkswagen Golf MK3.

You said earlier, the first version was an older Subaru charger, why you wanted to change? If it is not done yet what do you expect from this swap?
I replaced the turbo TD04L with TD05-16G mainly with the idea of ​​shifting power and torque higher at rpm. I hope it will now become more pleasant to ride since it was very explosive around 4000 rpm. I also think it is better the load of the engine. In addition, with the new turbo I can get more power and torque. I hope I can reach around 220 – 230 whp and more than 300 – 320 n.m

I haven’t seen any roll cage in the car, so are you going to use it on the streets? Or what is the plan with it?
Since the beginning there is a roll cage in my car as the automobile has been created for racing only. First I used to drive it in the city but the changes I made do not allow me to do it any more. At the moment I drive my Lada only during races.

I am pretty sure you are that kind of person who always thinking what else you could do in the future. Any other crazy plans to implement in your mind currently?
Yes, I am! I always thinking what else I can do and what to change. I’m currently working on 5 speed close ratios gearbox. Next thing that I will prepare is a new 1800cc engine. But first I want to use the maximum of the possibilities of my current engine.

I assume you following our page, what do you think about the Hungarian Ladas?
I closely follow your page. I noticed that in Hungary Lada are quite popular as a race car. The level of car’s preparation is very high. I think that one of the best tuning parts for Lada are made in Hungary. Me and some of my colleagues who dealing with Lada as well are getting ideas and inspiration from Hungarian cars.  

We have an annoal meeting during the summer in July. A few Bulgarian lads always visit us! You are welcome as well, I am pretty sure people here would be interested about your car! What do you think? Any chance?
Thank you very much for the invitation! I’ve heard about this meeting, my friends have been coming in the last few years. I know from them that the atmosphere is great. I was ready to come this year but considering the situation worldwide I’m not sure that it could be possible. But be sure that I will come as soon as possible.

Thank you for your answers, and I hope we will talk each to each other in personal soon. Until that keep up the good work! Good luck!